Saturday, March 8, 2014

25 Ideas for Leprechaun Visits and Leprechaun Traps

St. Patrick's Day is coming up!

Leprechauns are mischief makers that tend to appear around St. Patrick’s Day.  This year, have some fun with your kids by having leprechauns visit. Then let your kids design a way to try and trap them!

20 Leprechaun Visit Ideas

I think this part is the most fun!  Whenever your child is asleep or out of the house, you set the stage for leprechaun visits.  The leprechauns mess up and play tricks while leaving signs of their presence with the color green, rainbows, shamrocks, and gold.  You can really get into this as much or as little as you want, but I do suggest only doing a little bit at a time.  Pick one or two things a day so that your house isn’t such a mess that you begin to feel like it is more work than it was worth. Here are some ideas about how you can stage leprechaun mischief.
Green food coloring in milk and water

1.       Green food coloring in the toilet and stopped up sinks
2.       Footprints with washable green finger-paint
3.       Toilet paper roll unrolled
4.       Green finger-paint in Kleenex and scrunched up like it was used and thrown on the floor
5.       Milk or Water dyed with green food coloring
6.       Green food coloring cookies or muffins
7.       Spilled flour, cereal, sugar etc…
8.       Leave behind gold or green sparkles (glitter)
9.       Shamrock cut outs left around house
10.   Furniture tipped over
11.   Something of the child’s is hidden or placed up out of reach
Stopped up sink with green food coloring
12.   Gold chocolate coins hidden
13.   Green flowers (put green food coloring into the water of a carnation)
14.   Bed unmade after your child previously made it
15.   Toys that were previously put away, out like they were
played with
16.   Underwear on ceiling fan
17.   Open doors and drawers
18.   Pictures turned upside down
19.   Green dyed eggs
20.   Green food coloring ice cubes

5 Shoebox Leprechaun Trap Ideas

After you set the stage for leprechauns visiting your house, you can have your children design traps to catch the leprechauns.   Leprechaun traps can be made with cardboard, Legos, Lincoln logs, shoeboxes, etc...  After the traps are finished, you can leave signs that the leprechaun visited but was too tricky to get caught or managed to escape from the trap. Let them use their own creativity when designing and decorating their traps, but here are some shoebox trap ideas to get you started.

1.       Shoebox with hole on top, a piece of paper “hides” the hole
2.       Shoebox held up with a stick, golden coin lures the leprechaun under the box
3.       Stairs or ladder leading up a shoebox so that the leprechaun falls into the box and can’t get out
4.       Shoebox with hole in the side, a sign that says gold inside, and a door that “closes” when a leprechaun enters
5.       A trail of chocolate gold coins leading to a  shoebox
What leprechaun mischief and leprechaun traps have your family done?

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